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BA, University of Washington, Seattle, WA. 1981
AA, The Art Institute of Seattle, Seattle, WA. 1991

Artist Statement
Drops of paint systematically applied to a grid allow me to explore subtle modulations of shape, color, and pattern. Form follows process as the intrinsic character of the paint carves and shapes a distinct topography and color animates relationships between constituent parts. The resulting serial pattern is defined by building blocks that form a network of interrelated components.

Through the lens of the natural sciences, I reference microscopic interactions observed in biology and genetics to guide an interplay of structure and form. In my work, I strive to convey a sense of the balance that is struck between chaos and order, growth and decay, and the consequence of processes that unfold in our environment.

Dempcy resides in Seattle and exhibits throughout the United States. His work is included in the collections of Microsoft and the Pan Pacific Hotels and his paintings have been displayed in Time Style and Design and Metropolitan Home.

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