Contemporary Art
john dempcy

matthew dennison

julie gross

julie karabenick

michael kessler

jeremiah ketner

alicia lachance

miranda lake


sylvain louis-seize

tremain smith

jill sutton

cheryl warrick

kathleen waterloo

rimi yang

BFA Fresno State University, Fresno, CA. 1976.

Artist Statement
My definition of art is that which keeps the soul connected with spirit. I am most closely aligned to Mahatma Gandhi who said: “All true art must help the soul to realize its inner self. True art must be evident of the happiness, contentment, and purity of its author.” The process in which I work relies on developing a non-judgemental dialogue. I work at not trying to determine a specific outcome or predetermined idea, allowing the emergence of individuality in each painting. The aspect of layers creates both a sense of personal emotional, physical and spiritual history in the work. Each layer reflects its own statement, compounded by the subsequent layer that adds to the visual story. Together a collective passage of time and place emerge to represent a collective idea that can only emerge from the viewer.

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