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Artist Statement
My recent body of work explores three landscape themes: lush blues, stormy skies and the dark series. In these pieces, I am observing different relationships and facets of landscapes. In particular, their uniqueness at different times and periods which I feel are naturally enhanced by the condition and moment in which we view them. I am always looking to capture memories which are ephemeral but poignant.

These paintings are a natural evolution of my industrial landscape series that explores urbanization and the impact that we have on it. It is, as always, the basis of my work. Each landscape evolves and reveals itself by way of the layering and deconstructing of the mediums used. The goal is to expose the passage or imprint of time whether it is through the symbols such as the golden rivers or the technique of “scratching”. I do not paint landscapes to be beautiful, nor to have a message but more for the viewer to contemplate the image and for the painting to evoke an emotion, question or connection.

Sylvain was born in Montreal, Quebec, and works and lives in Campbellville, ON Canada.

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